The brief:
To develop a Visual identity (logo), basic visual identity style guide addressing: Logo usage, Typeface, Colour palette, Image treatment, Business stationery prototypes (letterhead and email footer).
Each designer in the team presented various logo iterations and visual identities that were presented to the client. It was narrowed down to two concepts, one of which is below. Although the logos I designed were not chosen, I did present the idea of a logo that represents an aerial shot of an archeological dig. Another one of my colleagues, Deanna, used this idea to create the logo seen to the left. This project gave me the chance to work collaboratively with fellow designers.
What you see to the left (apart from the logo) are all my designs that I contributed to the final concept.
I enjoyed working collaboratively as this is something I don’t get a chance to do at work. I also preferred creating assets for an already established brand, rather then building the concept from the ground up.

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