The brief:
This assignment required me to chose a piece of text on which to base a photography series. I chose my great grandmother’s life story that she and other members of my family had compiled. I photographed found objects that belonged to my family and combined these with family photographs, as well as maps and objects that I incorporated into the book. I also created postcards using my great grandmother’s words and placed these throughout the book. These elements symbolised important moments in her life.
The photographs I took were lit by a torch and the camera’s shutter was set on a long exposure time. This allowed me to create strong lights and darks giving the photos a Baroque style. I constructed the book by hand using different paper types to create a scrapbook look and feel, with all the text typed on my great grandmother’s typewriter.

This project will give experience in a self-directed concept driven visual outcome. Activities will involve concept development, studio session planning, lighting skills, image design and visual styling.Integration of Imagery, type and layout and the relationships possible between word and image as a form of communication will be resolved in a bound format.

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