The brief:
The brief of this design assignment was to create sustainable packaging. I decided to brand and package my uncle’s honey which he collects fresh from the hives at a former postmaster’s house in the Hawkesbury. I drew on my strong interest in heritage to help me design packaging that creates a country heritage feel. I invested time researching the history of the postal service in the Hawkesbury and this helped me in my design process. The hand drawn flora on the labels were inspired by May Gibbs’ illustrations in her book series Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. I wanted the design to feel organic and handmade, so I hand sketched the postmaster’s house to use as the logo. In the packaging I included beeswax wraps and packaged the honey jars in a box that could be reused as a planter to encourage sustainability.

- Apply design research techniques to develop a conceptual packaging solution.
- Apply design and production processes to drive a physical prototype outcome.
- Develop a final packaging prototype that demonstrates intended materials, sizes, colour and production methods.
- Utilise type, image, material space and form to build communication suitable for the brief.

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